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Debriefing Dragon Con

Jul 21, 2012

This is our kickoff podcast to launch the website.  I discuss a bit about my background as a podcaster and when I first started coming to DragonCon.  I also discuss the community aspect of the podcast.  Yes, that means I'll need your help to make this podcast a success.

Links mentioned -

Bossjock Studio iPhone App


Here are some of the ways you can get in touch with me...

Email - debriefingdragoncon [at]

Facebook - DragonCon Newbies  

Twitter - @DebriefingDcon

Voicemail - (206)279-9170


over five years ago

Awesome Kevin, Thank you for the heads up on BossJock. I'm absolutely going to make that purchase.

Todd W in NC
over five years ago

Thanks, Kevin, for going to so much trouble to keep the new ones like me well informed and better prepared. :)