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Debriefing Dragon Con

Jul 30, 2015

Details about our newbie events happening at Dragon Con 2015 and some helpful tips and details for those of you making last minute plans to come to con.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Dragon Con Newbie Walking Tours On Thursday Sep 3, 2015

Dragon Con Newbie Q&A Panel On Thursday Sep 3, 2015

Dragon Con 101 Panel On Friday Sep 4, 2015

Roundup Of Dragon Con Room And Hotel Resources Courtesy Of Eternal Zan

Another Helpful Link Regarding Rooms and Room Shares

Dragon Con Official Facebook Group

MARTA (Atlanta subway and buses)


Hosted by Kim McGibony, Sue Kisenwether, Michael Falkner and Kevin Bachelder

Edited by Sue Kisenwether

Recorded on July 29, 2015


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